Saturday, February 21, 2009

Professionally Speaking-Swearing

A recent international workplace survey revealed that swearing, speaking loudly and talking about your personal life on a mobile phone in public spaces, topped the list of rude behaviour.

I was MC/ Facilitator at the recent AIME event (Asian Pacific Incentives and Meetings Expo)in Melbourne Australia. One speaker did a lot of swearing on stage which didn't really add any value to his content and made a few in the audience noticeably squirm. Not only that, I lost track of the rest of his story as I couldn't stop wondering why he would even do that.....was it necessary? Was it appropriate? Never!

PS Tip: There are many ways to ensure your content has the required effect and punch you want to convey, without the use of swear words. Your body language, acting/delivery skills and descriptive prose and stories will increase your personal engagement qualities and transfer of expertise.