Thursday, April 24, 2008

Professionally Speaking-Are you nervous?

As a speaker or emcee, one of the biggest challenges is combating nervousness. While nerves are a good thing in that they help to keep you focussed, they can also trip you up which can create a snowball effect.
 High protocol events, such as the Sydney Institute's annual dinner, reported by Peter Hartcher of the SMH,  where the emcee " mangled the Prime Minister's name", can be particularly daunting.
PS Tip: Get the correct pronunciation of any names, even if it means contacting the speaker directly. If necessary write it phonetically or in code for yourself. (A miniature drawing of a martini once ensured I said Gin Jhin not Ghin).
Practice, Practice, Practice! Talk to the milk in the fridge so it rolls off your tongue, then take a few deep breaths and pause before you speak.